Avila Beach Food and Wine Gala

Crossing the bridge you will notice the river mouth boasting swans and geese Avila Beach golf course takes extra pride in its ultra magnificent location and that is why it was the perfect setting for such a decadent event.

"This in no way is a pretentious event. We do wine a little different on the Central Coast. Basically the overall attitude is come as you are we love our guests and want to show them a great time." Says Todd Ventura. Who hosted the auction that raised a lot of money for a local nonprofit

Under the big yellow striped tent there were multitudes of local and visiting smiling faces!

There were dozens of booths bursting with so many wines and delectable dish pairings ranging from crisp salads to mini breads with mushroom spreads, Old Edna's booth had the most delicious cheeses one was a delightfully creamy blue cheese topped with roasted pine nuts and The Sea Venture's booth had mini corn pancakes topped with smoked salmon crème fresh and caviar oh yes it was to die for. I must confess I had more than one!

It is a gift to be able to do what you love in life as your profession. As for wine maker Mark who labels himself part rock star and part computer nerd I think he has definitely found his calling in life! He moved to the area in 1995 and has years of experience under his belt which includes time spent throughout Spain and Morocco. His experience is prevalent in the wines I tasted. My personal favorite of the day was the refreshing 2005 Chardonnay. Mark explained that they prepare the wines using old and new world techniques.

The friendly staff and inviting atmosphere made me feel like a celebrity. And it was very nice to go for a tour of the wine making show room which was a nice retreat from the warm sun.

I met some fellow wine lovers and had a wonderful experience. You have to come and experience this for yourself. Whether your an experienced wine connoisseur or just curious about wine the staff at Wild Horse will be able to assist you.. For more information visit the Wild Horse Winery website.