53 San Miguel Street
Avila Beach, CA 93424


We start off at Avila Wine and Roasting Company. Gorgeous paintings of mermaids on surfboards throughout made me feel right at home. The room bursting at the seams with an eclectic selection of wines and other various forms of alcohol … bacon brew!!? Chocolate wine...could this be possible? My two favorite things in the world combined and it actually works! 


The owners mom was so sweet she brought us our glasses and entertained us while her son Mannie assisted fellow tasters. She had the characteristic slightly toasted almond skin that I'm all to familiar with and I had to ask if she was Portuguese. Turns out her family was originally from Piko a neighboring Island to Faial (AZORES) … my mothers Island. 

Jarhead Chard non-profit wine that supports the Marines!  And it's A VERY NICE Chardonnay!

A great start to a decadent tasting tour. And I HIGHLY recommend that you stop in at Mannies because the wines are delish and you really feel like your right at home...only your in beautiful Avila with a view of the Pacific. CONTINUED...