FOOD & WINE ... I have an affinity for incredible food and wine.  In my opinion life should be enjoyed.  It's a recession and while it's important to save money - it's also important that we support small mom and pop eateries.  When I'm traveling you won't see me going through the drive-through.  Not when for a couple more dollars I can have something great somewhere good!  I like getting to know the locals, getting valuable insider tips on places to check out and things to do.  If the service is friendly and the food is delicious; I'll share it with you! 

FOOD - I'm constantly on the look out for good food!! You can find incredible deals all over the place if you know where to find them!  And I don't mind treating myself to an affordable yet delectable happy hour with a gal-pal or a nice meal somewhere unique ... and if I can get out of there for under $15 for a great dish, a cocktail plus tip - that's a SCORE!


I write about dinning experiences that I love ... has to be delicious and unique while the service must be friendly.Basically I write about food..because like everyone - I love to eat!  Yes PLEASE bring out the best dishes you have and enough to feed my ingrate friends!  I'm like a basset hound when it comes to sniffing out a great place to dine. are some of my foodie thoughts!  And if there is a place that you think I should try me asap!  I'M STARVING!!! 

WINE ... ALWAYS KEEP YOUR GLASS HALF FULL!!  Is there anything better in this world than coming home from work, preparing a nice simple dinner and pouring a refreshing glass of wine and simply toasting the sunset?  That is why I'm a little too obsessed with wine tasting.  Because you never know what gem you might find at a price that you can't refuse.  That is the best. Check out some of the stories that I've written about quality finds at decent prices!    Wine tastings, food and wine events ... and go make a weekend of it!  With your girls or a romantic getaway.  Book a room by the sea or a charming bed and breakfast!