Anytime I can have an evening filled with a bucket of laughs without risking my mug on the front page of TheDirty... it's a great thing!  The evening starts off with Rosalind Russell aka "The Goat Lady" and I driving all over town trying to figure out where the heck THE LAGUNATICS was performing.  Frustrated and out of ideas Rosalind calls up Stu Staffer to get the location.  We finally make it  to our seats although a bit late...and OH MY G#D!

The performance!  One of the highlights for me, was the "Mike" and "Cindy" trying their best to secure the new position of THE GREETER.  So funny.  I also really enjoyed the "It Had To Be CHEWED" performance.  Making fun of the enormous herd of goats we employ to eat up the shrubs surrounding the city to prevent fires.  And the people who appose them.

Yes in this town nobody can agree on anything.  We are very passionate about our views and the way we want things done.  So it was really really funny to see the characters in their "Laguna Beach Attire."  Complete with neon tshirts and snippy attitudes.

Fellow Lagunatics...If you are lucky enough to live in a town with "Lights Ordinances" and other oddities such as Butch Nuns, dancing goats and the one and only can not miss this performance. 

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