Montana D'Oro
A slice of heaven!


Montana de Oro is located in Los Osos California. You drive through a winding road of fragrant eucalyptus trees and end up at a beautiful beach filled with beautiful rocks, seagulls and a fresh water stream that feeds right into the Ocean. If it has rained recently you will have the added benefits of a waterfall on the left hand side of the beach.


If you happen to be a beach comber such as myself you're in for a treat because this particular beach is laden with shells, ocean jade and agates.


This is a great place to have a picnic! But do cover all of your food securely when you go for a walk because the seagulls there are very brave and always hungry! So do bring a picnic basket and lock it up. Once I didn't do this and a gull came right up (culprit pictured below!) and stole my $12 cheese! A most decadent cheese from a deli in Shell Beach, oh well!