76 Landing Passage
Avila Beach, CA 93424

We walk around the corner to the very cool Morovino tasting room, it sort of feels like you've been invited into some sort of cool private club house … cool art, unique jewelry and most importantly wine. Where we are met with open arms by Andrea who reminds me of Dana Delany; tall, sassy, smart and sexy … 

Andrea holds one of her bottles of heaven and then pours a taste for Neila ~ Y U M!!

With the first deliciously smooth velvety sip it's obvious that this isn’t just wine but that it's the result of Andrea's passion and true calling in life. She doesn’t make wine for the money or so that she can win awards. (Which I later found out that Morovino and won several) She makes it because she LOVES to make clean yet rich wines. Down to the very last meticulous detail and flavor profile. For anyone that loves food and wine and really cares about the quality of each ingredient that they cook with you really must collect some Morovino. (At a surprisingly reasonable price point! BONUS!) CONTINUED...