One of my favorite restaurants in the OC. If it was my last meal on earth it would have to be their grilled cheese and tomato soup. I could eat it every single's that delicious. And consistently good. I normally frequent the Laguna Beach locale but since my sister, nephews and I were spending the day meandering in San Juan Capistrano I thought it would be the perfect moment to do a little food review on a personal favorite. Especially since I could enlist the boys to help me try everything!


Sweet Potato Fries with thai cilantro aioli ($6) This is a comfort food of mine. The fries crisp on the outside, sweet and fluffy on the inside. When dipped in the cilantro aioli you get the perfect creamy goodness with a hint of spice.

Oven Baked Artichoke. ($.8) I have had a lot of artichokes in my day. And I have to say that the generous sprinkling of good quality Parmesan gives the artichoke a delicious tang, then the pine nut piccata gives it a creaminess which is heightened by the tarragon aioli.  After gobbling up all of the leaves, I cut that sucker in half and indulged on the melted in my mouth. 
Black Mussels with Saffron Cream. ($9.) This was a very generous portion. I don't even know how this dish is possible when they only charge $9 for it. One pound of mussels bathed in a rich saffron cream, which goes perfectly with the salty crunchy pancetta, and sweet sundried tomato.  A very unique and creative way to prepare mussels and it REALLY works!

And finally the ultimate comfort food taken to the executive level! Worlds above canned tomato soup and American cheese on white bread. Their Grilled Asiago Cheese Sandwich and Sundried Tomato Soup ($9) yummmm. The bread has a toasted buttery crunch...inside a sweet juicy slice of tomato with the gooey asiago cheesy goodness. Then of course you have to dip it in their signature Sundried Tomato soup. I don't think it's going to be possible to find a more delectable soup...but I'm going to have fun trying to discover it!

Happy Hour from 2-7 draft beer $4, Well Drinks $5, Wine $5 a glass and Martini's $7.