2nd Chance Winery
65 Landing Passage
Avila Beach, CA 93424

Our last stop for the evening or should I say it was a slight stumble for me just across the courtyard over to 2nd Chance Winery and Gallery ... We walk in and its no secret that I'm a bit on the tipsy side of the train at this point! But somehow the red walls and vibrant artwork somehow encourages me to sip some more! 


And this is where I learn I had been tasting the incorrect way ... my whole life!  Well since my Portuguese grandfather gave me "juice" when I was 7.  Thank you grandpa Lacerda.  (might explain why I love the dark Azorean wine so much though!  I used to first sniff, then swirl the wine and then taste.  Your supposed to taste, then swirl, then sniff and then taste again.  I'm glad I won't be unknowingly embarrassing myself again at any future posh food and wine event!  Thank you Chance winery!  Charming Manager wearing a candy cane tie ... Randy Carter gives us a full tasting where he gives us complete menu pairing option ideas.  Down to the very last caper.  People that know food and wine are the greatest but can you really know one without the other? 

Neila bought a great bottle and we said goodby to our charming host.  And I'd have to say if your looking to learn how to optimally pair each wine with a fantastic dish...this is a must stop! 

Felt like I was floating on air as we were leaving ... so we walked around the boardwalk, watched the sunset...sobered up and headed home.  Where Neila made an incredible dinner of mushroom and caramelized pizza which we shamelessly paired with a delectable bottle of wine in her beautiful home overlooking the Guadalupe dunes.  What more could you ask for in life!?  I love my girls days!