HOW I FED 300+ PEOPLE FOR 25cents Each!
Instead of buying 1 fancy pants dinner you can feed 300+ people for under $100 ...

Just over a year ago I was one of the most judgmental and overly critical people. I had a serious problem with the homeless. I just thought they were lazy. And then a couple weeks ago it was as if Jesus Christ himself bopped me on the head because all of a sudden I started to see them as children of god that have been broken. And I thought about how at my darkest hour there were 2 people in my life that picked me up and cared for me. Selflessly they were there for me when my own family turned their backs. And if it was not for my friends stepping up I could have stayed broken, and I could have easily turned to drugs to numb the unbelievable pain that was in my heart. The pain was unbearable.

I simply wanted to prove a point ... that healthy food does not have to cost a lot. And find out HOW MANY PEOPLE CAN WE FEED A HEALTHY MEAL TO FOR $100. I thought it would be a cool documentary...I had no idea it would be a life changing experience.

The love and gratitude I received from the 300+ people that I fed was just incredible. Some came back for seconds, thirds and fourths. How ever many vegetarian tacos they wanted was fine with me! Some just wanted the beans, some just wanted the rice with some salsa on top. So many said "god bless you" and they really meant it. For the first time in my life I felt true joy.

And now I am convinced giving/volunteering is the only way to achieve true happiness.

THE RESULTS - We only spent $90 and out of the $90 we only used $70 worth of it.  We still had 3 salsas left (at $5 each=$15.) and 2 packs of tortillas left (at $2.50 each=$5.) So it cost us about 17 cents per person.  (Not per serving - but per person.  The only way we could keep track was by the plate count.  And we asked each person to bring back their plate for seconds.)

And we actually had leftovers!  We could have easily of fed more people.  And had more people been around we would have.  But it started to get dark (and freezing) so we decided to wrap things up.  For a few days I ate the leftovers and then the following Monday I transformed the leftovers into my new creation CHEAT'N TEXAS CHILE.  Basically black beans, brown rice, carrots and jalapenos with half a bottle of pace salsa.  And took it to the homeless shelter in Laguna Beach where it was served over the remaining shredded cabbage as a side dish to all that wanted it ... about 65 people.  And they really loved it.  It was really delicious. 

So here is the deal.  Bean and rice veggie tacos might not be your favorite food in the world.  But they are good ... healthy and filling.  If you can once a month or so forgo your fancy pants dinner of lobster and fingerling potatoes in order to feed 300+ people ... trust me, you will never be the same. 

NOTE: If your depressed - donating an evening of your life to a soup kitchen will give your heart true joy.  Try it ... you will get more in return than you ever could have imagined.  I am convinced giving service is the only way to achieve true happiness.

- for the use of their beautiful eco-friendly kitchen.


- Laguna Woods - for the large soup pot they donated to the project which has since been used several more times to feed those in need.


- who donated a portion of the food - beans, brown rice, cabbage, carrots - that was used to feed the homeless.