- My Diary -

2/15/2013  Asteroids, Zombies and Hamburger Hoarders on a Carnival cruise ship.
Well it's safe to say that the end of the world did not come to pass.  No zombie apocalyps. No end time at least not yet.  But if and when SHTF does come to pass it's apparent that here in the US we will be completely effed and let me tell you why I know this - because of the recent Carnival cruise ship "tragedy" off the coast of Mexico which consisted of people being temporarily inconveniced.  Yes it's disgusting that some people were exposed to raw sewage however I find it far more disgusting that people would perpously hoard food.  When crew members were going above and beyond the call of duty to provide food to all of the passengers and yet passengers would race to the front of the line and grab an entire tray of hamburgers and proceed to hoard them for themselves.  To not even care about the collective people as a whole.  To actually want 10 hamburgers for yourself when you know full well there are plenty of other people that could also use something to eat.  That is just a glaring idea of what is to come from the selfish hysteria that occurs when SHTF.


I can not believe how long it has been since I wrote in my diary... please forgive me.  Life has been crazy!  And I know it's only going to get more hectic.  I moved to Ojai California. I love Ojai.  I love the people, the town - the color of the sky is so vibrant.  The people have this wonderful I want to say hippie-quality about them! 

I had an amazing summer with my boys.  We went to the river/swimming whole almost every day and had a complete blast doing it.  They made lots of friends.  I made them lots of fresh squeazed orange juice from the orange orchard that I now call home. 

I wrote my new book - "Eat Gluten-Free on $5 a Day!"  Then I was robbed and had to re-format the entire thing and get new photography because my back-up drive was also stolen.  I know people are desperate for money but why would you do something so cruel to someone as to steal their computer!?  It was only worth $220 brand new...I can not imagine that whoever stole it got anything for it.  People are cruel - some people at least.  I still believe that most people are good.  And that they want to do good.  Anyways so yes I was robbed.  My computer, my back-up, my phone, my ID, I had nothing.  It was scary.  But the funny thing is - I did not even let it sink it.  But I was going to give up on my life and my life's work and move back to Hawaii and just grow papayas and surf all day long - until I got a call from the OC Register who wanted to do a story on my workshop at the ENC (in Newport beach - that was this past Thursday and it went very well considering) Anyways so I looked at my calendar and realized that in order to do the workshop and provide a book to each person I would have to cram 3 months of work into about 72 hours.  Just so that the book would get printed and mailed in time.  Turned out that by the grace of god I wrapped up the book and was able to have it shipped directly to the ENC Center the day of the workshop.  Of course you never know if the package will actually arive the day they say it will - but it did.  That was crazy.  And if I can keep that kind of work ethic up - meaning if I can kill myself for 72 hours straight then ... really I can accomplish every single thing that I want to. 

And there is so much I still want to do - so far I can go with this.  I am excited to travel the country - athough there has been the delay.  I feel like I'm stronger, smarter and more efficient than ever.

My ultimate goal for the next year is to travel throughout the states and teach as many workshops as possible.  Have as big of an impact on the people that need me the most.  I could really use an angel invester right about now - that would be amazing but it's like they say: where there is a will there is a way.  And I swear I'm completely on fire...


Gasp!!  In the last two days I spent $23 + $37!!!  But I got DEALS!!!!

I finally have money again thank you to my new book deal!  So the first thing I wanted to do is stalk up on fresh ingredients!  I had challenged myself to eat everything that I had in the fridge and freezer.  I did not succeed because there are still lots of random things I could eat.  If SHTF I could easily survive for another few weeks.  With my oatmeal, popping corn, a bag of potatoes, brown rice, peanut butter, tortillas in the freezer are what I had left.  But nothing fresh!  And that won't work for me!! 

Yesterday I went to Little Saigon for the very first time.  Walked around hugged a bunch of huge buddhas which gave my heart such a good feeling!!  Had some delicious noodles and asparagus tea!  And then it was time for some SHOPPING!  And I spent;

$23!  And here is what I bought!!

A beautiful bamboo cutting board

3 cans of coconut milk

2 fresh coconuts

1 package of fresh seaweed

fresh ginger

several cloves of garlic

3 fresh pineapples

1 cambucha squash

1 large bunch of bananas 

1 bag of fresh mushrooms

I'm very happy with my purchases.  I'm transitioning into cooking more Asian dishes ... curries, noodle dishes, lettuce wraps, fresh spring rolls, peanut sauces, steamed dim sum.  I don't have any particular reasons that I'm going more Asian other than it's what I want to eat.  And I'm finding that luckily Asian cuisine made at home can be extremely affordable and delish!

Today at the Farmers Market I spent $37!!  It was what I call my deluxe selection.  Normally I can get out of there easily for under $20.  But I won't be able to make it next week so I wanted to stalk up. 

Here is what I bought for $37!

2 gorgeous goat cheeses (1 for $6 or 2 for $10) I went with a sweet one with honey and apricot and the other with lavender flowers.  I've had them before and they are quite the treat!  

1 pound sheep cheese feta $10
This is absolutely the most delish creamy feta you will ever have.  To die for!

1 organic eucalyptus honey bear $5

1 organic lettuce $2.50

and with the rest I bought

1 bag of Brussels sprouts

1 bunch of asparagus

1 artichoke

1 bunch of leeks

1 cauliflower

It's going to be happy eating and cooking for me in the next couple of weeks!  And I will definitely be sharing my dishes and recipes with you!  If you have any good recipes you'd like to share with me email me!  Gaby@GabySunheart.com or post them on my fun facebook group!  " Saving Money (the old fashioned way) Cooking and Gardening! "



I did not get dressed up or go out and get drunk.  I stayed home with my boys and enjoyed every second of every beautiful moment.  We made dinner, watched movies, played checkers...I gave the boys my secret moves that insure you will win each game and then they started beating me at my own game.  I made them promise not to pass on my secret moves to any of their friends but oh well.  It was really fun.  I love being with my boys.  It's better than next day hang over that is for sure.

Over Christmas break we spent a few fun evenings at the Ritz.  Hot tub, and then star-gazing at their lounge area where they bring you yummy spicy home made chips...nummmy! 

We went to the beach park a lot and also bluebird park.  I love bluebird.  I brought my little notebook and wrote some more of FAWN.  Something about the trees at that park ... really encourages writing and creativity!  LOVE IT!!!

And now I'm getting everything back in order for my TV show...very exciting and can't wait to see it through!


I can NOT even believe how fast this year has flown by!  It's crazy!  I survived fall!  Yay!  Not to much to report other than I've really been working hard...putting my PBS show together.  I'm so excited and dedicated to this project.  I've also been doing a lot of hiking...working on my fitness!  I've been painting...I did a big painting of a waterfall...for my little cubbie-hole bungalow.  And it really looks nice!  Anyways... Just wanted to quickly check in.  If anything exciting happens I will report back asap.  But for now STAY TUNED!

Had the greatest Halloween weekend EVER!  Friday my boys and I went to the Annual BOO Blast at El Morro Elem.  We ( I mean my boys...didn't want to risk violently throwing up like the last time I went to Knox Berry farms... ) went on all of the rides, played all of the fun games.  And just had a blast.  To my delight my boys even WON A FISH...which we went to Coast Pet Store right next to my house to pick up.  Where we found out the prize was a lowly gold fish...you know the ones that croak after about 2 days...nasty!  So we upgraded to a Japanese fighting fish.  Which my boys promptly named "Thor"  And then announced loudly "Now you won't have to be alone anymore Mom!"  Yes the store operator heard these sad words.  And tried to hold back laughter.  After buying the fish Mr. Crabs, and Beta food snacks...(minus the 75. cents towards the would-be goldfish) I was only out a $12.99! YIKES!  But what could I do?  Whatever I have to pay to avoid flushing a dead gold-fish down the crapper is totally worth it! 

Saturday we went to the High school pool...then the Library and finally to see the movie "Three Musketeers"  Which was excellent!  Really good!

Sunday we went to the beach and built the greatest sandcastle empire ever.  Great experience!  Complete with archers windows, a pub and police stations...this was a no joke Castle Kingdom... 

It was SO HARD giving those boys back to their dad...I don't even want to think about the pain in my heart right now.  So I will gladly pour myself into my work to avoid crying my eyes out.  Terrible!  Ok...back to work for me....! 

Who knows what kind of adventure I will find myself in tonight.  Check back to find out!

Debbie Downer
I haven’t written in my diary for a while because I had to become a workaholic in order to avoid suicidal tendencies.  Due to the fact that it is now my most hated season.  AKA October.  It's cold, dank, dark far too early in the day.  And I just detest October.

I'm a summer person...not a fall person.  And to make matters worse a friend on Facebook told me that Anderson Cooper is openly gay and has been for sometime.  Now my nice fuzzy cozy dreams of him have ended.  It's not as if I didn’t suspect he was gay...it's just that I was choosing denial.  (BELOW - Pic of me modeling Gopi Skirts By Rahdika)

Not sure what I'm doing for Halloween yet.  But I've now carved a total of 5 pumpkins because here in California they rot and smell after just a few days.  That has actually been fun.  Last week I let the boys take the pumpkins to their dads since 1. He's to lazy to carve them and by the time I get them back they would have rotted anyhow. 

I HAAAAAAAAAAATTTTEEE Fall.  Wish I was on a farm somewhere with my perfect cowboy making jam.  But I'm single living in a cubical in Laguna Beach.  Freezing to death each night and I lost my cool navy-style coat.  Which on the bright side, I'm a little glad because I was starting to feel like it was making me look homeless.  And since I'm already sensitive about being homeless since I was homeless a few years ago thanks to a certain barbarian...Its a sensitive subject.

Anyways that's enough for now...If you want to brighten my mood feel free to send me some stuff to taste test...cool!

Had the best dream last night!!!  I dreampt that I was in Mexico, buying a really cute little apartment over the ocean.  And to my delight Anderson Cooper was going to be my new neighbor.  He took me for a ride in his boat, we saw whales and gigantic lobsters in the water and we fell in love...!  Mmmm... love me some Anderson Cooper 360 right about now.  Just wanted to share my awesome dream with you guys!  Anyhow... meeting with composer David M Parker and going over the fund raiser performance details... more info to come.  Mmmm... can't get my mind of Anderson Cooper... oh well!  Tea anyone!?

I still remember that morning...my daughter was only 2 and a half and we were visiting my mom in Seaside Oregon. My mom burst into my sisters room where we were staying and woke us up with the terrible and unbelievable news. It took a while to comprehend it all. But it was amazing how we as a country came together. Suddenly we all had something in common...fear, pain, admiration for our fallen heroes and perseverance. God bless our country. And I'm so glad to be an American. A place where, I can say what I want, do what I want, dress how I want and VOTE. The American dream still exists although harder to attain than it once was... at least we still have possibilities.

8-29-11 - An incredible summer!
Summer with my boys has been a complete blast.  Filled with music concerts in the park,

 stand up paddle boarding, water polo (so fun!) and tons of cooking.  Made a lot of breakfasts and dinners. Lots of pancakes from scratch (not as hard as you might think) and famers market veggie packed dinners.  Home made french fries with fish etc.  Love to cook for those boys. 

 That is what makes me feel totally complete.  After a day in the ocean or at the pool comming home and making them a healthy yummy dinner.  All with a tiny cutting board, one knife and one cast iron pan. No fancy gadgets...no glamorous kitchen. 

Just love, whole ingredients and some beautiful souls to devour some dinner.  I even learned finally how to make crepes.  SO divine!  YUM YUM YUM!  I even recieved a really decadent gift in the mail!  Which was waiting on my doorstep after a day of surf-sand and surfing...

Hand made Belgian truffels.  Made with love in the beautiful state of Montana!  I wish I could say that my boys and I delicately opened the box and slowly enjoyed the chocolates.  Unfortunately it was more like a pack of ravenous savages ripping the box apart and devouring the hand made chocolates in under 10 minutes... haha a reflexion of my parenting style. My favorite truffel was the white chocolate with the candied ginger on top...a really yummy flavor combination... Big thankyou Montana Joe!

It has been a yummy summer.  Not really ready for fall and it's not quite here anyways so I'm going to do some hiking and make sure to enjoy deep creek before the rains come back again... to be continued!

7-29-11 - An AWESOME birthday party!!!
My birthday fiesta...people were buying me drinks and shots left and right at Katsua here in Laguna Beach. Quite indulgent. The fresh watermelon and vodka shots were really delicious.

A few delicious appetizers later and I was floating around the room in true Gaby fashion. Not that I need alcohol to feel brave and outgoing...because I don't. Followed by dancing to a local reggae band at Whitehouse. Which was way to much fun. Wish every day was my birthday not that my complexion would agree. Trick to staying young...not drinking like that more than once a year!  Thank you to my BFF Maya for the amazing party!!! :)

7-24-11 - Santa Barbara Adventure!
Just had quite the adventure up on the central coast!  Enjoyed my secret hotsprings near Ventura. 

Followed by a relaxing couple of days in Santa Barbara.  I enjoyed some delicious meals.  A wonderful 90 minute Chinese massage (For only $60- and that included the tip!).  Loved walking around and doing a little bit of shopping. 

 Spent a little time at one of my favorite spots  - the pier.  I love watching the boats and watching the pelicans fly about.

  Spent a little time at the Peruvian horse show.  It was cool to speak in Spanish to them...since that is the language that they are trained in.  Seemed like they understood what I was saying!

Which was quite spectacular!  To be honest I can't wait to return for another incredible adventure.

I have been having so many incredible experiences lately.  Been enjoying the warmer weather.  The ocean has been warm enough to swim.  Last week I saw a little reef shark.  A beautiful little guy. 

I have been hiking each evening each evening above my little bungalo.  The trails are easy.  And the viewpoints are breathtaking.

Yesterday I went to the Farmers' Market and loaded up on fresh ingredients.  Cheries, strawberries, apricots, kale, sweet potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, tomatoes.  At each booth I asked for deals.  And I made out pretty good!  So I splurged on some Proncal Herb Goat Cheese.  Which I intend to enjoy with the heirloom tomatoes that I scored.

Twice now I made a bowl of organic whole milk yogurt with honey and cut up strawberries.  So incredibly good! 

This evening I'm heading over to the Hare Krsna Temple for Prasadam...Yum! 

This past weekend was amazing.  I went to the Reality Rocks expo, which was cool because no one really showed up.  So it was a bunch of reality stars - and me.  Met some really amazing and very sweet people.  Amongst my favorites were the Swamp Guys, Axmen and Ron Jeremy.  I had a blast.  Do you want to see some pics?  Well here you go!!!

Ron Jeremy

Ron Jeremy promised me a "Lobster Dinner"... TBA

Swamp guys and Axmen

Tommy is super hot - I now have a crush on him.  He's super rugged - like Bear Grylls meets a rodeo cowboy - yummmmie!

Pit Boss

Um...Um, can you say cute!?  And he was super dooper sweet too!  I wanted to shove him in my purse and bring him home.  I think I'm way too crazy for him though!

Chet Cannon - Please tell me your not gay.  It would not be the first time I fell for a gay boy, damn-it!  Your so freaking cute - instant crush.  Hurt me why don't you!!!

And now I've officially been inducted into the "Bad Girls Club"... no shocker there!

It has been so fun putting this website together...my inner geek feels very satisfied.  I feel like it looks nice...been getting some good feedback.  Really excited about the food review I'm doing for OC Family Magazine today.  Over in San Juan Capistrano...it's almost yum time!!!

Welcome to my world!  A world FILLED with great friendships, decadence, travel and adventure.  Life should be enjoyed!  When your having a good time...life just flies by so I love to take pictures...always taking pictures to try to keep track of my memories.


Lots of people ask me the question - "How do I...?"  And my answer is just one word... "PASSION!"  If you have a passion for  your work, your life, your family...you can achieve ANYTHING! 

Anyways...email me if you want to be notified with my latest shenanigans.  Otherwise check back when your ready to be tortured with tidbits from my reality.