Is a boutique paper.  With a weekly circulation of 10,000 copies. The wild, wild west (ok...Laguna Beach)  Over a year ago I saw this adorable curly haired jewish girl bustling down Forest ave.  With an arm-full of Laguna Beach Times.  I thought to myself..."A girl after my own heart."  I knew we would become good friends!  So I gave her a call, we met at the Koffee Klatch. and I convinced her to let me write a weekly food review for her paper. 

We have had a blast together.  Openings, the museum, artwalk together, the beach.. I am convinced, it won't be long before we are completely running this town.  "I'm your huckelberry!"  Keep up to date with my weekly column in the Laguna Beach Times...pick up a copy at - just about anywhere in Laguna Beach!