Lynx American Privateer 1812
Gives a history lesson and a sailing lesson at the same time! 

A few years ago this beauty sailed into Morro Bay so I decided to take a ride on this fine vessel. I never imagined I would learn so much on a 3 hour voyage! And I was very happy to find out that this was a hands on experience as well.

Managing a ship this large is no easy task but for someone with sailing in their blood it’s a fulfilling one. I found the staff to be friendly, helpful and informative. While the views of Morro rock were impeccable.

And we were all in for an extra treat when the Captain mentioned we were to fire off the cannons. They were loud and smelled like sulphur but one couldn't help but think about how the ship had a very similar experience nearly 200 years prior.

These days the Lynx proudly serves our youth in Education Programs. She sails with five High School students on a voyage to Hawaii each year. And in addition has an array of programs available for schools. She gives students the tools to become interested in learning not just about sailing but early American History as well.

She sails throughout the year and makes stops along the Pacific North West as well as west Hawaii and the California Coast. I recommend going to the website and marking your calendar for a voyage. You can also help with financial contributions to this worthy Educational Foundation.

For more information regarding donations and sponsorship for students, student groups or individuals please call 1-866-446-5969. For more information on the Lynx visit