A Tempting Oasis Hidden
In the Metropolis of San Luis Obispo!

If you are looking for somewhere to enjoy a great meal and want to relax and enjoy a beautiful atmosphere, then seek the Oasis Restaurant in San Luis Obispo. I am sure a lot of you would agree with me that one of the best ways to spend a leisurely day is to shop-till-you-drop and then seek refuge at a great restaurant. Well, if you shop in downtown San Luis Obispo, you should definitely experience one of the most unique and pleasurable dining experiences on the Central Coast.

Welcome to the Oasis Restaurant. I found both the service and the dishes I chose to be exactly what I wanted. Vegetarian friendly, spicy, and full of unique textures and flavors.
I started with the Moroccan tea which in itself was undoubtedly performance art. Poured from 2 feet above the pretty little cup, I knew that I had stopped at the right place for a fun and relaxing dinner.

For my dining experience I chose the vegetarian dolmas, hummus (delicious!), makouda, and lentil soup.

The Oasis turns ordinary grape leaves into dolmas, stuffed with rice herbs and spices - truly a divine appetizer especially when accompanied with the yogurt dip. The makouda is a spicy fried potato pancake that is served with a flavorful spicy tomato dipping sauce - I crave it every day.

The hummus is one of my favorite foods and is so delicious. The creaminess of the texture with the garlic and olive oil was impeccable when partnered with the warm pita bread. Of course the soup was a delicious blend of vegetables and spices - very comforting.

The Oasis serves imported beer and wide variety of healthy vegetarian and vegan dishes. This is definitely a restaurant everyone will be happy at! The Oasis features belly dancers on Friday and Saturday evenings which really makes the experience very exotic. Enjoy the Oasis Restaurant in San Luis Obispo - Moroccan food at its finest.

Oasis Restaurant, San Luis Obispo CA
675 Higuera St.,
San Luis Obispo CA