I needed to break away from the OC for St. Patty's weekend.  Just wanted to do ... what I wanted to do!  Which meant time for soaking at my favorite hot springs, some great food and catching up with friends.  The storm was predicted to roll in, but that couldn't stop me!  Friday we drove the 3 hours to my secret hot springs near Ventura California.  Spent the night in the wild!!!  Then the next day drove up to Paso Robles making a pit stop in Shell Beach for a quick photo opp and of course my favorite cheese from my favorite deli on EARTH De Paulo's and Sons.  For their incredible home made mozzarella.  Made fresh each morning.  And some of their insanely delicious Gorgonzola cheese smothered in toasted pine nuts.  You have never eaten anything this good.  Trust me, you haven't. 

Then it was off to Paso Robles Franklin hot springs ... now if your some stuck up millionaire this is not the place for fact it's sort of white trash.  But if you can see past the broken down trailers and other random useless items strewn around you can have a very relaxing time.  I met 2 hippie guys that gave me an incredible water massage...!  I also swam 10 feet down in the big hot spring and grabbed several hand fulls of the richest most luxurious mud I've found.  Did about 5 masks on my face, neck, chest and back.  And soaked in the perfect temperature for about 4 hours as the wind howled and the rain poured.  Life does not get better.  

Then it was off to the Madonna Inn for a delicious lobster dinner.  Not frugal but utterly delicious.  Every now and again it's OK to splurge!  Then it was off to Neila's mansion in Oceano. 

We got all dressed up and headed out for a night in San Luis Obispo.  A college town well known for it's Saint Paddy's day madness.  And it did not disappoint!  Shots, cosmopolitans, pineapple and vodka...and apparently I drank shots of rum.  It's amazing I walked out of there alive! 

The next day my legs were extremely sore!  I was informed I had danced 4 straight hours the night before.  Without a doubt it had been a wild night! 

Then it was time to head back south.  But not before we stopped at ELLEN'S for "breakfast" at noon in Buelton.  At what will now be known as a must-stop on my list!  A little dutch diner.  As I sipped my first cup of coffee I was reminded that Jesus loves me even though I'm not always perfect.  Coffee cures!  I had to order the thin dutch pancakes.  And they were topped with heaps of FRESH blueberries! 

For once in my life I was not disappointed with a Diner out in the middle of nowhere.  In fact I was blown away!  Perfect hot dutch pancakes...these are what dreams are made of!  This should be on your list of diners to try along the Central Coast!  Do you know of a good place for a road trip or a great eatery?  Email me!  I'd love to hear from you! :)