What kind of food writer - writes about a food truck ... someone who just had 2 beer battered avocado tacos - that's who!  My latest culinary discovery was at this past weekends 3rd Annual Laguna Beach Festival of Goddesses.

Starving, I scoped out the entire fair for something decent to eat the thought of "Detox Bowl" or "Buddha Bowl" at one vender - didn't seem like something I wanted to spend $10 for.  I was almost ready to give  ... when to my delight and relief I came across the Seabirds Food Truck.

2 beer battered and fried avocado tacos topped with their secret sauce for $7.  Seemed reasonable.  And since I'm a sweet potato fry freak I ordered a side of those as well for another $5.

The Tacos... creamy avocado inside of the beer batter crunch along with the cabbage and cilantro sauce was just insane.  The corn tortilla was fresh as well. 

Then the fries.  Perfectly seasoned, cut and cooked.  The sauce to dip them in was creamy and tangy.  A good portion.  With the two together I was satisfied and left wanting more.  My only problem now...

How will I find them again!?  Hmmm ... I'll follow them on twitter @SeabirdsTruck